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Son Ye-jin personally visited ‘Babybox’ to extend support to babies in need: Report – Times of India


In the heart of Seoul, nestled along the steep slopes of Gwanak-gu, Nangok-ro 26-gil, lies a place that may seem almost hidden in the bustling cityscape—Babybox. It’s here that the renowned actress, Son Ye-jin, made a profound impact by generously donating 150 million won to Seoul Asan Hospital and this humble sanctuary. Babybox, a haven for mothers facing desperate circumstances, allows them to leave their babies safely and anonymously, free from the fear of legal repercussions.
Last December, Son Ye-jin, accompanied by MSTeam Entertainment’s CEO Lee Hyuk-jin, made a visit to this extraordinary place, reports naver. Spending over two hours engaging with the babies under the urgent protection of Babybox and conversing with dedicated volunteers, the actress demonstrated her unwavering commitment to making a difference. Yang Chang-soo, the director of the Crisis Infant Protection Counseling Support Center, expressed deep gratitude for Son Ye-jin’s unexpected visit, sharing, “We never dreamed that Son Ye-jin would visit in person, so we were truly surprised when she came. She hoped the donation would be used practically for the children, and on the day of her visit, she donated an amount like a Christmas blessing. We are very grateful”, as quoted by Kbizoom.
Moved to tears upon learning how various contributions had saved the lives of countless infants, Son Ye-jin’s compassion spoke volumes. Director Yang further emphasized, “Son Ye-jin made the donation with the condition of ‘not publicizing the fact’. Later we sought permission and made it public. We won’t forget Son Ye-jin’s sincere gesture of coming all the way to this slope and showing her warm heart.”
This isn’t the first time Son Ye-jin has extended her generosity. In 2020, she donated 100 million Won to the Daegu Community Chest of Korea to aid vulnerable groups and medical staff affected by COVID-19. In 2022, alongside her husband Hyun Bin, the couple contributed 200 million won to support residents of Gangwon Province affected by a devastating wildfire.

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