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Shekhar Kapur Admits He’s Friends With All His Exes, As Ex-Wife, Suchitra Accused Him Of Infidelity


Prominent filmmaker Shekhar Kapur tied the knot with actress, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi in 1999. However, after enjoying marital bliss for eight long years, the duo parted ways in 2007. They are blessed with a daughter, Kaveri Kapur. Suchitra once hinted at her ex-husband’s infidelity during their eight-year-long marriage and slammed him for the same. And now, the filmmaker has reacted to the allegations levied on him.

Shekhar Kapur reveals he has been in many relationships

In an interview with Ranveer Allahbadia on his YouTube channel, Shekhar Kapur opened up about love and romance in his life and revealed that he has experienced numerous relationships. However, all his relationships were based on mutual respect. Talking about the same, the filmmaker said:

“I have had many relationships. Without romance, I don’t have a life. However, I never had a relationship that didn’t have respect. So, the nature of the relationship changed. Though it didn’t have romance, sexual or the promise to live with each other, but that relationship remained.”

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Shekhar Kapur talks about his past relationships

Speaking along the same lines, Shekhar shared that a relationship will only be sustained if there is respect between the two partners. He further asked how can a person leave their partner after knowing them for a long time and added:

“When you get to know a person so much in a relationship then how do you leave that? If that relationship didn’t have respect than it will not remain. All my relationships, of whichever type, they always had/have respect and which is why they all are my friends.”


Suchitra Krishnamoorthi opened up about her broken marriage with Shekhar Kapur

Earlier, in an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi opened up on her broken marriage with Shekhar Kapur and revealed that their differences started to appear in the first year of their marriage and she was ready to leave him. However, since she got pregnant with Shekhar’s child at that time, so she decided to stay with him for another year. In her words:

“Actually, when I got pregnant, main shadi chhod rahi thi. I was moving to the Berklee College of Music. Mujhe part scholarship mil gaya tha and I wanted to learn music because it was always my dream. But I discovered I was pregnant. So fate has its own way of unravelling itself and unravelling your life story. So I stayed for a few years phir I was like, forget it mere se nahi hota.”

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Suchitra Krishnamoorthi on societal judgments she faced upon her decision to divorce Shekhar Kapur

In the same interview, Suchitra recalled the typical judgements she faced from society over her decision to quit her marriage. She revealed that women told her just to have another baby with her husband, and not to quit it. She was even told by them that she would be left stranded after her marriage dissolved. However, Suchitra slammed them shut by telling them that she would happily live on her own terms that live a life with someone who crushed her soul.


What are your views on Shekhar Kapur’s revelations?

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