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Esha Deol Said ‘Aankh Nikal Dungi’ As Bharat Takhtani Exposed Her Possessiveness, ‘Mujhe Pakad Ke..’


Esha Deol and her husband, Bharat Takhtani recently parted ways with each other in an amicable separation after almost 12 years of marriage. The couple, who first met each other as teenagers during an inter-school competition, tied the knot in 2012. Esha and Bharat welcomed two adorable daughters, Radhya and Miraya. As the duo has announced their separation, many old interviews have surfaced online, which have raised many eyebrows.

Bharat Takhtani revealed he has to be guarded when he is with his old friends

In an interview with Filmfare, shortly after their wedding, Bharat Takhtani highlighted the possessive nature of his wife, Esha Deol. He shared that they are both possessive, but he has to be guarded when he is around his old friends due to his wife. He further joked that Esha would be a possessive mother and wouldn’t even allow the nurse to hold their baby. In his words:

“I’m possessive, but not as much as she is. Pakad kar rakhti hai mujhe. I’ve got to be guarded even when I am with my old friends. She’d be a possessive mother as well! Even the nurse wouldn’t be allowed to hold the baby.”

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Esha Deol, who was also a part of the interview, was apparently miffed by her husband’s remarks. Bharat’s statement didn’t go down well with her, and she immediately clapped back at him. Esha jokingly said:

“Aankh nikal doongi.”

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Bharat Takhtani revealed he always made up after a fight with Esha Deol

In the same interview with Filmfare, Bharat Takhtani was also asked about his tiffs with his wifey, Esha Deol. Responding to the same, the businessman stated that he doesn’t like arguments, while Esha has a habit of repeating things. However, Bharat revealed that even if there are some arguments, he is always the one to make up first. He stated:

“I don’t like arguments while she has the habit of repeating things. But I’m the first to make-up, I don’t have an ego.”

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Esha Deol’s husband, Bharat Takhtani cheated on her?

For the unversed, Esha and Bharat’s separation rumours got ignited due to a viral Reddit post. Earlier, we stumbled upon a Reddit post which talked about how Esha Deol’s husband, Bharat Takhtani cheated on her. In the post, a netizen claimed that they saw Bharat with his alleged girlfriend at a paid party in Bangalore. While many details about Bharat’s ladylove are not known, the netizen shared that she lives in Bangalore.

Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani got separated after 12 years of their marriage

Unfortunately, after 12 years of marital bliss, Esha and Bharat decided to part ways on February 6, 2024. There were rumours of their separation in the media after Bharat missed Hema Malini’s 75th birthday celebrations and the two completely stopped making any public appearances together. Esha and Bharat shared a joint statement via the Delhi Times to publicly announce their divorce. Their statement could be read as:

“We have mutually and amicably decided to part ways. Through this shift in our lives, the best interests and welfare of our two children is and will be of utmost importance to us. We’d appreciate our privacy is respected.”

What are your views on Bharat Takhtani’s revelations about Esha Deol?

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